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This clan is for all pets that are deceased and still loved and not forgotten by their owners

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Posted by Trooper Rest in Peace 2003-2006
1 Dec 15, 06 07:38AM
hi from a whole bunch of friendly cats
Posted by Monday
1 Oct 22, 06 08:44PM
hi max and max!
Posted by Max
0 Jul 01, 06 12:27AM
so glad to hear from some of you!
Posted by Max
1 Jun 22, 06 11:20AM
Posted by Max
0 Jun 19, 06 05:36PM
Posted by Paco
1 Jun 15, 06 06:29AM
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kulit (Rabbit)
Thoya (to-ya) (Bird)
Clover (Rabbit)
Six-Pak (Dog)
Kaladar (in loving memory) (Dog)
Ruby(RIP) (Other)
Stinky (RIP) (Crustacean)
Paco (Bird)
Max (Dog)
Monday (Cat)
Princess Honeybear (Cat)
Tigretti (Cat)
kams (Rabbit)
taz (Rabbit)
codie (Rabbit)
riku (Rabbit)
AmBeR (Dog)
Dominique (Cat)
Top Cat (Cat)
Trooper Rest in Peace 2003-2006 (Dog)
Kramer (Cat)
Free Spirit (Wild Bird)
Anna (Cat)
Paul (Cat)
Psyche (Cat)
Rascal (Dog)
Blacky (Dog)
Max (Dog)
Zizy (Cat)
Ziggy (Cat)
Asha (Rabbit)
Roo (Other)
Max (8/02-11/04 RIP) (Cat)
~*~Ringo - R.I.P~*~ (Bird)
~*~Cuddles & Buttons R.I.P~*~ (Cat)
~*~Cheeky - R.I.P~*~ (Cat)
~*~Zara - R.I.P~*~ (Bird)
Alex (Cat)
Yoda (Cat)
Bunnicula (Rabbit)
Gibby (Guinea Pig)
♥Scotty♥-In Memory (Guinea Pig)
♥Davy♥-In memory (Guinea Pig)
Clover (Cat)
peppy (in loving memory) (Hamster)
PR Alabasters Brandy (Dog)
Kiki Astra (Never Forgotten) (Cat)
Chester (Hamster)
Cleo (Cat)
Daisy Mae (Dog)
Mustache (Cat)
zender (Rat)
Patches (Rabbit)
Tiki (Dog)
Archie Bunker Pruitt (Dog)
♥Robbie♥-In Memory (Guinea Pig)
♥Bobbie♥-In Memory (Guinea Pig)
Jessie (Dog)
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